Athletics Complex Update - February 2021

To our Valued Acadia Athletics Complex Members:

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, we would like to thank students, faculty/staff, and community members for following our new processes that ensure the safety of all our Acadia Athletics Complex users. Once again, we are appreciative of your understanding of our responsibility to ensure the facility remains operational for Acadia students and our aim of safely integrating campus and community activities.

Over the Holidays, the Nova Scotia government and Health Authority recognized our Athletics Complex as a 'best practice' based on our procedures and guidelines that keep users safe. We will continue to work hard to ensure that all patrons have a safe recreational environment, and that access to the facility will continue to be only Acadia students, Acadia staff/faculty, and those who hold a community membership.

Over the last six months we have communicated to you our "Scaling for Success" reopening framework which allowed students, faculty/staff and our existing community members to access the Fitness Centre, along with providing various youth programming initiatives in the Complex.

As we move forward in these uncertain times, we would like to provide several additional areas of the Athletics Complex that have been closed since March 2020.

Beginning on Monday, February 8th, the Andrew H. McCain Arena walking track will be added to the list of areas within the Complex available to community memberships, staff/faculty, Acadia students as well as those ­­­with a Walking Track Pass. Similar to the Fitness Centre, you must book your time online at or by phone at 902-585-1568. A mask must be worn in the facility and on the indoor track at all times. Time on the track is limited to 45-minute sessions beginning at 6:45 am until a last booking at 1:45 pm.

External rentals of the McCain Arena will resume under Nova Scotia Health Authority guidelines.

Also beginning February 8th, Squash and Racquetball courts will be available to Acadia students, staff/faculty, and community memberships. Court time is limited to 45-minute sessions and a maximum of two people at a time. Times must be booked online at  or by phone at 902-585-1568.

Membership and Student swims will return Monday, February 8th. We will be re-introducing Lane Swim and Open swim times. Available times must be booked at . Pool change rooms will be made available, however lockers cannot be used. Due to the turnaround time and required cleaning, post swim showers must be done at home. More in-depth rules will be posted outside the changerooms; on the pool deck and sent out to users through our e mail distribution list. If you would like to be included on this, please e mail

We will explore the reintroduction of additional facility features including community fitness programming in the spring. Continued use of the Acadia Pool will be re-evaluated when Acadia classes are completed in April.

Reintroducing all our facility features, and programs will be dependent on meeting all necessary health and safety requirements.  An array of factors remains to be considered including staffing requirements, changing facilities, appointment scheduling, and the maximum number of participants. Social distancing measures, mask requirements, and upgraded cleaning protocols will also be part of the requirements for additional space and recreational use.

Thank you all for your continued support during this time. We will continue to ensure that the Acadia Athletics Complex is a safe environment for all our users and will keep you informed of any future changes.

Before visiting Acadia's campus, please visit the COVID-19 information website for campus status, latest updates, and health and safety requirements for visitors to campus.


Kevin Dickie
Executive Director
Athletics and Community Events

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