Alternate Sport and Recreation

Students offered sport and recreation led by Acadia Athletics

Acadia University's Department of Athletics revealed today it's fall plan to offer its student body an opportunity to engage in sport and fitness during a COVID-19 altered setting on the Acadia campus.

Referred to as the Alternate Sport Model, the project is a collaboration of several groups on campus to utilize the skills of Acadia Athletics' coaches and student-athletes by offering sport and fitness opportunities to the Acadia campus and Wolfville community.

"We began discussing an alternate sport model in anticipation of Atlantic University Sport canceling the fall season. At first it was around how can our varsity student-athletes compete at the sports they love, but quickly became how we can incorporate all students, club and intramural. Now on behalf of Acadia, we have created a campus "super-league," said Executive Director of Athletics, Kevin Dickie.

"Being a small school where there's such a close integration between our student-athletes and student body, and little separation between students in residence and off campus, these unprecedented times have actually provided an opportunity to make Acadia better," Dickie added.

The Alternate Sport Model will focus on three primary initiatives including sport leagues, expanding health and wellness opportunities and the Sport Academy. READ MORE>

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